Teleconference Features & Benefits.



Call Recording: Simple and free recording of incoming and outgoing calls. This is especially important if details on a call need to be saved for further assessment.
Waiting Room: A waiting room is provided for those parties who arrive earlier than scheduled to your teleconferencing call.
Reservation-less: No reservations are required for hosting a teleconference call. Calls can be connected from anywhere to your teleconference utilizing our system. This also means that less money is spent on operator fees.
Global Calling: Connectivity to over thirty different countries ensures that you can host a teleconference that will be accessible to anyone within your work group.
Multiple Connection Options: Technological advancements in our carrier has made it possible for us to offer a number of options for call connections including free-toll local number, 800 toll-free dial-in and dial-out.
Phone Commands: Utilize your phone in order to access simple commands such as dial out, mute all and record all from your handset.
Auto-Rechargeable: This enables users who utilize the system often to always have conferencing minutes available to them from month to month in order to maintain the fluidity of the business' operation.
View Call Records online, No Paper Billing: The environmentally friendly option enables you to see when calls were made from a month to month basis as well as the amount of time spent on the calls and the overall amount of money invested into teleconferencing.
Features & Benefits
Features & Benefits


Huge Savings: Teleconference calling absolutely FREE. You can also reduce the cost of 800 teleconferencing calls by up to 90%.
800 Toll Free Savings: Using the low 800 Toll Free access number provided can help save both you and your partners in long distance fees, thereby reducing the cost of doing business.
Superior Quality: We try to maintain crystal clear call quality by ensuring our network infrastructure is up to date and is always at the boundaries of modern technology.
Fully Automated: This system is automated so that it is available to our clients every hour of every day, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This allows for teleconferencing without the need of a reservation.
Any Phone: Use any phone to access the service, including cell phones, office phones, home or pay phones.
No Switching Carriers: Our service works alongside your current long distance carrier which means there's no need to cancel your service to benefit from ours.
Free Activation: Activation costs nothing, no cost for getting onto our system and no installation costs. Activation is done very quickly so that you can begin teleconferencing almost immediately.
No Extra Fees: You see exactly what you're paying for. There aren't any hidden fees, installation fees or any charges that are unaccounted for - Guaranteed.
No Penalties: If you're unsatisfied with the service we won't charge you for disconnection or canceling the service, it's all free.
Guaranteed Rates: We only offer you one single rate, whether it's peak-time or off-time, the rate remains the same throughout the day and night.
No Commitments: No contractual agreements are necessary, we believe in guaranteeing your freedom to terminate our service at any time you want.
1-Minute Billing & No Fees: We have dispensed with charging the user fees and our low 1-minute billing increment ensures that you get value for money when you use this teleconferencing service.
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