Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can remain free?
A: We offer our clients a free-toll number for incoming calls in order to limit their costs, since this free-toll number is absolutely free, charging the client 0.0˘ per minute. We also give our clients the choice of an 800 Toll Free access number that charges at 1.9˘ per minute and local access numbers that charge 1.5˘ per minute.

Q: How do I make or start a teleconference call?
A: In order to make a teleconference call you must first provide your time and date of calling to your participants along with the teleconference code. The moderator of the room (the host) receives a security code. To commence the conference, you will need to dial either the free toll number, the toll free 800 number, the international, or local numbers provided from your particular area. The first person on the call is usually the moderator who will be required to enter the teleconference code and the security code (3 digits long) in order to start the call session. Each participant only needs to enter the teleconference code to join the conference.

Q: What sort of equipment is necessary to make a teleconference call?
A: All that is needed to successfully make a teleconferencing call is a touch-tone phone. This is made simpler by the fact that we offer you and your fellow participants the choice of a dial in or toll free dial in number in order to connect to the call. After connecting to the call, it's a simple matter of entering the teleconference code and joining in on the call.

Q: How do I record a conference call?
A: The moderator of the call is the only one with the recording ability. In order to start recording, the moderator simply needs to enter the code *87 into his or her handset. Once the code is entered, a voice prompt is heard telling you that voice recording has been initialized. If someone chooses to join after recording has commenced, they will be informed via a voice prompt that voice recording is in progress. When you wish to end the voice recording you simply press *88 on the handset or go to the conference room and select "End Recording". Recording is free to your account.

Q: How do I listen to the recording?
A: Go to the call detail dialog and find where the call you recorded is. On the side of the call detail will be a microphone icon that will allow you to access the recording for that particular call.

Q: How long is the recording available?
A: Calls are recorded and kept for 30 days from the date of recording. They are available for listening 24 hours a day, every day of the week until they expire.

Q: How do I back up a recording?
A: You can create backups to your local machine if you think you will have use for them at a later date.

Q: How will I know how much I've been charged for recording a teleconference call?
A: The recording is absolutely free, so you get charged nothing!

Q: What happens if someone calls into the teleconference prior to the host/moderator?
A: In the event that this happens, the software will create a waiting room for all members that have dialed into the system before the moderator. They can then choose to wait for the host to create the session and join or hang up. While in the waiting room, the participants’ costs will be taken from the host or moderator's account.

Q: It says I'm running low on teleconferencing time and I need to recharge my account. What do I do?
A: We accept all major credit cards and this is the easiest method to fund your teleconferencing minutes. Clicking on the Recharge Account link on the My Account page opens a window that will guide you, step by step, through the recharge process. You can recharge manually once, or set up auto recharge which ensures you always have credits on your account. The auto “in-call” recharge process works similarly to this one and allows the host the benefit of staying connected to the conference room.

Q: Can I set up my account to automatically add funds to my account?
A: Yes. Inside the Manage My Account option, you can set your system panel to automatically top up your account if it ever drops below a certain limit. So if your real-time balance ever goes below a certain amount, the recharge process will add a certain amount of funds back to your account to ensure that it does not interrupt your teleconferencing. The amount you add is completely up to you.

Q: How much can I recharge my account for?
A: In order to watch for fraudulent activity, we have set a maximum cap on accounts to $500.

Q: How do I connect with someone who is outside of the US?
A: Our system allows for a host to dial out from the US to connect to someone who resides overseas. Alternatively the participant may call long distance to the US or they can utilize one of our international local access numbers.

Q: How do I mute a user?
A: Dialing *56 will mute ALL users on the call at the current time.

Q: How do I unmute a user?
A: Dial *56 again and it will unmute the users previously muted.

Q: Can a participant mute their connection?
A: A participant can mute his or her personal connection by dialing *99, but this does not override if the host mutes them on his or her end.

Q: How can I call out to a participant who has not called in?
A: Start off by dialing *55 to add a new participant. For each new participant you wish to add to the conference call, you dial *55. Once you do that, you will be connected to the automated system and be temporarily removed from the conference call. The automated dial out system will prompt you to input the number that you're dialing out to. Once you are connected, you're allowed to speak to the new participant in a private conversation. If you would like to add the new participant to the current conference call dial *1, otherwise dial *2 to end the private conversation without adding the new participant and be returned to the conference call.

Q: How do I lock a teleconference so no more participants can join the call?
A: Dialing *54 will lock or unlock the conference room. As soon as the first participant joins, the option becomes available to the host. If the room is locked, each new participant will be informed of this. The host may unlock the room at any time by dialing *54.

If you need any further assistance, feel free to contact us at any time.
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