About our Free Teleconference Service.

Teleconference.net was developed as a tool to aid in the creation of international teleconferencing by utilizing current technology. Thanks to our use of the latest upgrades for hardware and software, we are able to provide this service to you at a very low cost. Of all the teleconferencing solutions available now to businesses and individuals, ours is one of the most cost-effective, while still maintaining a standard for high audio quality.

Developed around a secure network, our technology adapts to the modern face of technology, growing and evolving to meet the challenges that arise. To this end, Teleconference.net has managed to garner a reputation for being an industry leader in audio teleconference calls. Our dedication to having the most cutting edge technology available allows us to provide our customers access to 60,000 ports which can route a grand total of 9 billion minutes of teleconference calls per year. Combine that network capacity with a dedication to delivering top quality audio connections, and you begin to understand why the industry considers Teleconference.net one of the best companies in the market today.

Technology is the driving force behind our claim for customer satisfaction. We believe that our clients are entitled to world-class service and to this end, we seek to provide it. We try to combine new and innovative methods of telecommunication processing alongside a well-equipped network that can handle all the information we pass through it. We also aim to preserve the privacy of our clients through the utilization of security protocols that are often far more advanced than industry standard. We like staying ahead of the curve when it comes to utilizing new technology.

Extensive back office support that is supplemented by bilingual customer service teams make for an efficient and effective customer service system. We believe that the customer deserves service of a certain caliber, and it is the aim of these teams to ensure that that service standard is kept high. We put our customers first, and because of that, we welcome any calls to our customer support center, which usually leads to a quick resolution to any problems the client may have.

Teleconference  has been a provider of high quality, cost-effective international telecom solutions to both businesses and individual people since 2001. The company, based in Charlotte, North Carolina, has always put the satisfaction of the customers as central to its mission. In the future, Teleconference.net aims to give our customers more years of service based around our ideals of innovation, professionalism and integrity.

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